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Drawn by DeWolfe

Performance Project

Crafted through a combination of singing, song-writing, music product, digital projection, make-up, costuming and live performance, Drawn is one of Daniel's latest and most important creations - a vehicle to deliver the sonic material that has accumulated since adolescence and process experiences and trauma through queer performance - expanding the limits of their creative scope and synthesising as gesamtkunstwerk that exists in real space as well as online and in print.


Drawn is an un-gendered creature plucked from a virtual sketchbook and cast into the subconscious underworld of artist Daniel DeWolfe. Paralysed by beauty and stunned by myriad pixels, but equipped with a crooning human voice box, a mega-bank of emotional data and shattering sexuality, it traverses liminal art- and soundscapes and holds a fractured mirror to the human being.

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